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We have answers to the most commonly asked questions

  • What is Boosters? What does Boosters club do?
    Richland Boosters is a parent-led, non-profit, volunteer organization that raises money to supplement school district funding. Our purpose is to represent and support the Richland community by boosting the resources and programs that LAUSD provides for the benefit of our kids’ education. This entails providing extracurricular activities, supplies, personnel, and facility-support to support our students’ education and success. We also plan community-building events for Richland families. Each spring, we elect a Booster Board, consisting of two co-presidents, a vice-president, a treasurer, and a secretary. The Booster officers for the 2022-23 academic year are Lisa Delgin (Co-President), Kate Lehman (Co-President), Renata Paolercio Cox (Vice President), Amanda Moldavon (Secretary), and Yumi Mercier (Treasurer). Feel free to reach out to any of them if you would like to get involved or have any questions:
  • How do I join Richland Boosters?
    When your child enrolls at Richland, you automatically become part of Richland boosters. As our tagline says, “Everyone is a Booster, Everyone is Welcome!” That said, it is up to you if you get involved in the Boosters club. We hope you will become an active part of our Boosters organization by attending meetings, volunteering and offering financial support.
  • How do I get involved?
    The best first step is to attend our monthly booster meetings (usually held on zoom in the evenings) or attend Booster events. You can view the year's events on our events page, and if you'd like to see what volunteering looks like, head over to our volunteer page to learn more. From there, we hope you will volunteer to help organize an event or participate in one of our service-oriented committees.
  • What do volunteers do?
    We are an entirely volunteer-run organization, and we need your help! We know that every Richland family has unique talents and skills, and we hope everyone will share those talents to the benefit of our community. For instance, parents with design skills can assist with making flyers, spirit gear or even this website! We need folks with technical skills, excel wizzes, crafty-parents, event planners, bakers, French-speakers, etc. Additionally, volunteer opportunities are both short-term and long-term: some parents can help out with an hour shift in the morning handing out flyers to advertise an event, while others commit a few hours a week to chair one of our committees. Volunteer opportunities come in all shapes and sizes, and we will help you find the perfect one for you! If you're interested in learning more, head over to our volunteers page.
  • How do I become a Boosters volunteer?
    Please go to our volunteer page to learn about the many opportunities to volunteer. You can volunteer to help plan an event, such as the Trunk-or-Treat Halloween event or for a service committee, such as campus beautification or French support. Once you’ve decided how you would like to volunteer, click here to sign-up!
  • How much should I donate? How does Boosters determine the amount?
    During the Annual Giving Campaign we ask every family to donate $1,800 per year to support their child(ren). You can set this up as a monthly gift of $150, or donate all at once. 100% of the money benefits the school, and our goal is 100% participation. Every family is asked to donate what they can— Every dollar counts, and no amount is too small. In setting our donation amount, we look at our budget to determine need. We estimate that we need to raise $225,000 this year in order to continue providing the support our children currently enjoy. We also look at what other similar schools ask of their families. The ask at Richland is on par with peer schools, like Warner Avenue Elementary, Overland Avenue Elementary and Canyon Charter Elementary, which ask between $1,650 - $2,600 per student per year.
  • Why does Boosters raise funds?
    Unfortunately, public schooling is underfunded in California and throughout much of the United States. These structural issues must be addressed through policy changes and advocacy at the local, state, and federal levels. Meanwhile, Boosters raises funds to address short-falls in Richland’s budget because there are many resources that have become essential to students’ experiences at Richland that are not provided by LAUSD. In order to pay for things like the arts and extracurriculars, additional personnel, school beautification, and technology resources (e.g., laptops for teachers, projectors for classrooms), we fundraise, primarily through the Annual Giving Campaign each fall. We also raise additional funds through events like the Walk-n-Roll-a-Thon, Book Fair, and Spring Gala.
  • Is my donation tax deductible?
    Yes! We will provide you with a donation letter for tax reporting purposes.
  • What is Richland’s tax ID number/EIN?
    Our tax ID is #95-4137100.
  • How do I participate in company matching programs?
    Many companies offer to match your donations to organizations such as Richland Ave. Elementary Boosters. Your HR representative should be able to tell you if your company participates and how you can apply for matching funds.
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